Chris had a chat & a laugh with Comedian Mark Dolan

It’s probably not that much of a surprise that at some point we’ve fallen out with friends and/or family over money. A new survey conducted by Paym says that one in five of us have come to blows, not literally, although in some cases it’s come close!

Have finances ever gotten between you and your friends? New research from Paym has found that one in five (21%) Brits have had a falling out over money making it the third most common cause of friendship termination. This makes it more destructive than politics (15%), sports (10%), and even travel (7%).  With summer now underway, BBQs, beer gardens, and beaches are beckoning. Brits should expect to see a rise in outstanding IOUs, but why is this the case? Four in ten (40%) people across the UK admit they are embarrassed to be seen as forgetful when it comes to paying back, a situation which can be easily avoided with modern payment methods.

Further on this point, 15% fear being hated because they owe money, and another 15% are worried that they will be tied?in to pay for the next thing, which may be more expensive. Some of us (22%) are not even concerned about money, as we fear the “but you owe me one” when asked to do a favour. As a nation, why are we so #awks when it comes to money – especially when we know it causes such great issues for us.

When dining out with friends, the majority (51%) feel awkward when the bill arrives. For just under one in ten (9%), this is because they don’t think they will have the cash in their wallet or purse. Similarly, a further 9% worry about owing money, whilst 16% are worried about being owed money. The final 17% fear the bill for the task of working out how much everyone owes.

Paym’s new campaign ‘#Awks’ is fronted by TV Presenter & comedian Mark Dolan  Chris & Mark took a lighted look at the research and also what Mark is up to at the moment.