Could China’s eSports teams move to VR for hit game Beat Saber?

The VR game on everybody’s lips has finally got the League of Legends treatment. Beat Saber now has the beloved song POP/STAR from League of Legends available to play.

Beat Saber is best described as Star Wars meets Guitar Hero meets Fruit Ninja. It’s one huge amalgamation of the three, that will make all of your Jedi or Sith lord dreams come true.

Put on your virtual reality headset and give this game a whirl.

You will find yourself stood on a platform that looks like it was ripped straight out of TRON with a red and blue lightsaber in each hand. The aim of the game? Swipe the coloured boxes in time to the beat.

It doesn’t sound so hard but Adi Robertson from The Verge explains the nuances of the game far more succinctly: “Beat Saber’s bare minimum for success is slashing a box in the right direction, but the game awards more points for making the arcs of your cuts longer, and by hitting a note box down its center.”

The official catalogue for the game is quite small but an in-game editor gives users the freedom to add in their own songs to enjoy.

So where the original ten songs on the Beat Saber soundtrack fail to keep you entertained for more than a few hours, the wonderful work of the internet will keep you entertained for a lot longer.

You can play to your heart’s content with Chinese songs, Bastille, Queen, and Imagine Dragons. There’s no shortage to the amount of content available to play on there and now that POP/STAR is on there, they might find more people drifting over to the platform.

League of Legends has a huge following across the World but China’s Royal Never Give Up eSports team is the most successful team when it comes to professionally playing the game.

Could RNG take to Beat Saber to see if their League success continues? We can only dream of seeing that mash-up.

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