Could these Chinese tourist hotspots be your next holiday destination?

Summer seems like a distant memory as November makes way for rainy days and freezing temperatures, so why not get planning your next holiday to push away those Winter blues?
Whenever you go on Instagram it seems like at least one person you know is in Thailand or planning a trip there, in fact it’s actually the top holiday destination of Chinese holiday go-ers.
It’s got something for everyone: snorkelling, hiking, spiritual retreats, cooking, nightlife, and relaxation.
You can hop on a plane to Pattaya for just over £300 and experience the Sanctuary of Truth, a Hindu and Buddhist temple made entirely out of wood.
Alternatively, for Instagram worthy photos you could head over to Phi Phi Islands. The water is so blue that you will never again be satisfied by the grey sea of Silloth or Brighton.
For a little weekend getaway, France is a little jump across the ocean that will satisfy all of your holiday cravings. It is the most visited country in Western Europe by Chinese tourists.
It would be wrong to not include the romance capital of the world on a list of top travel destinations. Paris is the perfect city break with its abundance of wine bars, cafes, and rich cultural history.
Or, for an escape from city life you could travel to the edge of France to Annecy. It is a picturesque little town on the border of France and Geneva. You could row on the lake, rollerblade through the town, or go skiing as it sits at the base of the Alps.
If you fancy splashing the cash for a slightly more unusual holiday destination, then Peru in South America is worth every penny.
It is home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well as a site that has long been associated with conspiracy theories and aliens.
You can take a five day trek or a half an hour bus to Machu Picchu, an iconic symbol of the ancient Inca empire, to witness the sacred district of Machu Picchu.
If you want to satisfy your inner tin-foil hat conspiracy theorist, you can head to the Nazca Lines that have remained undisturbed for over one thousand years. It is a great point of speculation as to what the purpose of the lines was.
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