Gerry & Dave Interview Chesney Hawkes

We are the one and only. So we thought we would talk to someone who is also the one and only.

If ever you’ve been on a night out, to a wedding, birthday or perhaps even divorce party then you will be familiar with the unmistakable sounds of Chesney Hawkes.

His career began at when he was just 19. He appeared as the title character in the film Buddy’s Song. In March 1991, he released his biggest single “The One and Only” from the film’s soundtrack, on which his younger brother, Jodie, was the drummer.

The film performed alright but the song was a hit in the UK music charts, spending five weeks at number one in March and April 1991.

But despite all of this he remains a resolutely down to earth bloke. For

example, it’s not often that you speak to someone famous about their Mum and Dad, but in so many ways Chesney is an exception to the rule.

Chesney’s father is the singer Len ‘Chip’ Hawkes, of the 1960s band The Tremeloes. His mother, Carol Dilworth, is a game-show hostess who appeared in an episode of the 1960s version of Randall and Hopkirk. 

So, he was always destined for musical stardom, but no one really predicted just exactly how much, as nearly 2 and a half decades after his first hit he is still just as much as an impressive name as he ever was.

One of the ways that he has managed to stay relevant is celebrity TV. Not to be harsh, but he gets around a bit our mate Ches! You may have seen him on Celebrity Big Brother, cooking on Celebrity MasterChef where he got to the semi-finals and evenDancing on Icewhere he fractured his ankle.

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