Gerry & Dave Interview ‘Mr Pothole’

It’s one of the Nation’s bugbears – potholes. Everyone hates them, no one likes them. So, the government have been doing some thinking of how to solve the problem. Chris Grayling (the Secretary of State for Transport) says he’s keen to stop our roads being plagued by potholes for good. That’s all well and good, but what’s he going to do about it?

Well, he came up with a seemingly ingenious plan. According to The Times, utility companies will be told to put new pipes and cables under the walkways or grass verges, where possible. The transport secretary insists that will only happen when there are two pavements.

The UK has an estimated £12billion pothole repair backlog while England’s motorways and A-roads face month-long delays to fix dangerous holes. An estimated 2.5million roadworks take place each year for new gas, electric, water and telecoms infrastructure to be installed.

Gerry & Dave got wind of a champion of the people. A true modern day superhero. An inspiration. The next Kanye West, ‘Mr Pothole’.

His human name is Mark Morrell and he spends his days tirelessly making sure everything is running smooth on our roads. He is prepared to take legal action against the highways authority to address the dangers road users are facing. He vows to serve ‘Section 56’ notices on roads that are ‘out of repair’ and not fixed.

Gerry & Dave worked their hardest to track down this man of the people and were honoured and lucky enough to get him on the show. It is one of the most inspiring and joyous things that has happened to either of them.