Gerry & Dave Interview Pat Sharp

If you were given the chance to talk to anyone who would you chat to?

This was the question we put to our Breakfast Boys. Do you know the answer – Pat Sharp.

Without even waiting for the question to be finished, they knew who they wanted and we delivered.

Pat hosted the cult TV show ‘FunHouse’ for 12 year. You can still see it every weekend even now on Sky / Challenge TV.  It was Pat aided by twin cheerleaders, (AKA ‘The Twins’) Melanie Grant supporting the red team and Martina Grant supporting the yellow team. Each episode featured 2 teams each consisting of a boy and girl representing schools from around the UK. There were 3 rounds in each episode…But basically everyone was waiting for the go-cart bit at the end. And who could forget this theme tune:

But it’s not only Funhouse that you’ll know him from. Pat presented his first daytime show 35 years ago for BBC Radio 1 at just twenty years of age back in 1982. Following a year on air, plus numerous ‘Top of the Pops’ TV appearances, he then went on to host mid mornings at 95.8 Capital FM for a decade. Along the way he picked up a gold Sony award whilst also notching up 7 hit singles and raising over £300,000 for charity as part of the infamous Stock Aitken Waterman duo ‘Pat & Mick’. He then took his mid-morning slot to #1 again at Heart London

He also hosted Top Of The Pops. Basically, he was one of the coolest people in the world

So, there were many a burning question Gerry & Dave wanted to ask him, and they were both bubbling with excitement