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Our Breakfast Boys have been described as many things, but ‘normal’ is one of the few ones that they have avoided. If you tune into The Breakfast Show every weekday morning from 6-10 you’ll know what we mean. If you haven’t already, then you should, and this will give you a bit of a flavour of the cut of their jib.

American Lolections

There was no getting away from The Midterm Elections. We don’t trust Gerry & Dave to talk about this though. We don’t really trust them with stationary, let alone proper newsy stuff.

However, we couldn’t avoid this one.

Dennis Hof died last month but still got elected to the Nevada state assembly even though he died three weeks before! He beat his living Democratic opponent Lesia Romanov and took home 68.2 percent of the vote …which has got to hurt.

Nevada state law holds that if a deceased candidate wins an election, the commissions of the counties within their district will appoint someone of the same political party to fill the seat.

He was a highly controversial figure in life…and now in death too!

Most Heartwarming Story

They might try & hide it, but believe it or not Gerry & Dave are 2 big softies at heart. Which is why they loved this one so much.

A pub in Bromley is opening up on Christmas Day to senior citizens who would otherwise be alone.

The Crown and Anchor did the same last year and it proved so popular they’re doing it again.

Pub landlord Martin Lloyd had a rough year and decided against a Christmas Day alone. So, he thought he would use his pub to bring joy and spirit to those who didn’t have anyone to celebrate, eat, and drink with. Since it was ‘one of the most satisfying days’ Martin had ever had.

Now he’s decided to do it again, and plans on holding the free dinner every year for the elderly people.Martin posted on the Crown and Anchor Facebook page, invited people in his local area to the lunch, and his post blew up, receiving over 62.5k shares.


Charlie Burness decided to take her mother out for dinner – fair enough. There’s loads of places in London that offer fine dining, good cheap food, incredible atmosphere. But she decided to spurn all that and went to KFC.

However, the fine dining she expected from said fast food joint didn’t live up to her expectations.

She took to Twitter and posted an angry review for everyone to see. KFC’s response? Well, they listened and they changed.

They changed their fries. The new fries are thicker, chunkier, and have the skin on, leading some people to compare them to Five Guys’ famously popular fries.

More power to the people!

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