Harrow Beijing achieves highest results in the world for A-Levels and GCSEs

Students at Harrow Beijing have achieved the highest results in the world for IGCSE, GCSE, and A Levels.

They were awarded Pearson Certificates in recognition of their academic excellence in the fields of business studies, history, mathematics, and art, craft and design.

Caitlin Y received the highest mark in the world for IGCSE history, whilst Sabrina L received the highest mark in China for GCSE Art, Craft and Design as well as for the IGCSE business studies qualification.

Winnie J received the highest mark in the world for the IGCSE in further pure maths, and James C was awarded the highest mark in China for A-Level further maths.

“Good examination results are not our sole purpose of education,” said David Shinkfield, Head Master of Harrow Beijing.

“We prepare every student for future leadership roles and support them in achieving academic excellence with a wide and diverse range of activities geared towards developing an array of interests and skills.”

Sabrina offered her tips for academic success: “Just as if you’re an athlete, rest days are as important as training days. It’s better to work smart than to work hard.”

Alternatively, Caitlin suggested reading extensively around the subject, diversifying learning and revision methods, and doing past papers.

Caitlin’s suggestions reflect a growing trend online.

Over the last two years, an online community of people who share study techniques, notes, study playlists, and stationary hauls. The entire study community has grown en masse and is now an online trend that young people are eager to engage with.

It is often referred to as studygram, studyblr, or study tube depending on your social media platform of choice.

Within the generic study tags, you will find specific subject tags such as languagegram, anatomy notes, or even #alevel.


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Students will post aesthetically pleasing photos of their revision notes or film themselves studying for five hours so that viewers can study alongside someone else.

When you look at the photos and videos, it’s easy to be inspired to delve into the world of studying whether you’re a student or not. Perhaps this is one of the drivers of good grades in young people.

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