Hot Weather Myths Debunked

In wake of this oppressive heatwave, here are some hot weather myths, debunked, and tips to stay cool.

Black clothing is a wardrobe faux pas in summer because it absorbs the heat.

Many people believe wearing black clothes in hot weather will make you hotter because it ‘absorbs’ the heat. However, this could be applied to having dark hair or wearing dark shoes – in 35 degree heat it really doesn’t matter!

Whether you’re wearing a black t-short or a white one, you will still sweat and feel uncomfortably hot. So opt for loose cotton, linen or viscose clothing which allow your skin to breathe and feel cooler on the skin.


Eating spicy foods will help raise your body’s temperature, causing you to sweat and thereby cool down.

As the old adage goes, ‘There’s method in the madness,’ but even then, it’s highly unlikely Hamlet would advise you to eat a vindaloo curry on the hottest day in British meteorological history.

Many people forgo eating in hot weather and double up on drinks to cool them down, but in doing so they run the risk of diluting sodium levels in the body. Instead, eat lighter meals with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables so you don’t get too bloated.


Drinking a hot drink will keep you cool in hot weather.

While some might contest that this works, it’s actually easier and more efficient to drink a chilled drink. So unless you’re a die hard Yorkshireman that can’t go without a cuppa for a day, reach for an ice cold glass of lemonade, or better yet Jack Daniel’s Lynchburg Lemonade.

Interestingly, lemons actually make you sweat as well because of the sourness, and this helps you cool down – definitely more appetizing than a curry in this heat! Apple is also a cooling fruit because of the high water content, and Jack Daniel’s has captured the fruity goodness in Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Cider too.


Spritz yourself with chilled tea.

No not Yorkshire tea, mint tea. While some beauty lovers will opt for rosewater, aloe water or camomile water that they’ve brewed that morning and decanted in to a handy spritz bottle, the easiest thing mere mortals can do is invest in a rechargeable and portable fan that you can take on the go.


Yoga breathing techniques help bring your body temperature down in minutes.

If you start deeply inhaling on a tube someone might think you’re about to have a panic attack, or worse going in to early labour. Mind over matter is proven to work in these instances, so think of something cold like the Antarctic and you should start to feel a little cooler.

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