Inner Peace: Nikki hosts her first episode…it has a gong bath!

What an experience it was to sit in as Producer on Nikki Slade’s first hosting role for Panda Radio.  With the power of modern technology, I can now let you listen anywhere, anytime!  If you don’t fancy reading through all of this, the entire show is below, so scroll down and enjoy.

Bob working his magic

But, if you love a bit of background info with your podcasts, here’s a quick rundown!  I was once passing by the Southbank Centre and was driven towards an unusual sounding stage.  Although I like to consider myself a bit of a musician, the audio being broadcast from the stage was completely new to me.  It turned out, to my surprise, that I was engaging in a live chanting session led by Nikki herself.  After exchanging details, Nikki joined me on my own radio show.  We exchanged views, asked questions, and enjoyed the chat.  I’ve now invited Nikki to do the same on Panda Radio with her own guests.


The guest today is Bob Horwell.  His knowledge is fantastic and Bob can certainly teach you a few things.  He’s also a true gent.  As Producer for this show, I was very impressed by end of the whole experience – and I use this word purposefully.  On a side-note, I feel I should mention that it was Bob who I first shook hands with when I was walking by the stage area last year.  We were total strangers then.  It can be a strange old world we live in.




If you enjoyed this episode, you can engage further with Bob and his Grateful Gong methods here.