Jayne Middlemiss interviews Martina Cole

British author Martina Cole has certainly made a name for herself, with writing 22 Novels, having 4 of which adapted to television, and 14 million books sold in UK alone. Now she speaks with Panda Radio about her story.

Martina Cole is the mastermind behind books such as The RunawayDangerous Lady, The Know and other brilliant tales.

In 1991, her book Dangerous Lady was sold for £150,000 and later broadcast on ITV in 1995 – ever since her writing has managed to captivate a huge audience.

Her crime genre books are known to be centred around female protagonists such as the infamous detective Kate Burrows, who’s become beloved by many.

It is crazy to believe that despite such success, when she was younger she had kept her books to herself as she believed people wouldn’t want to read them. Now she has a devoted fanbase to her name!

Listen to her interview with Jayne Middlemiss as she discovers where did all of these ideas of Martina Cole’s start?

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