Jayne Middlemiss interviews Tristan Welch

Where should you look for when trying to find good food? If you’re going to take the advice of anyone, surely you’d take one from an experienced head-chef of Launceston Place and Masterchef finalist, Tristan Welch.

For three years, Tristan was in Mustique – an island in the Caribbean – mastering his cooking techniques and adding even more value to his role as a chef.

Now he’s returned to the UK in Cambridge to set up a new restaurant called Parkers Tavern which overlooks the historic Practice Piece  – the birthplace of the rules of Association Football. With the location being such a monumental area, what better way to embrace being there than with devouring great food?

So if you want to hear more about Tristan’s newest business venture, or what he got up to in the beautiful Mustique – or even his recommendations on what to eat in this extreme heatwave, then his conversation with Jayne Middlemiss has you covered!

Listen to Tristan as he shares his experiences, food tips and more:


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