Gerry & Dave Interview Karl Kennedy

It was August of 1994 and the world was about to change forever. Dr Karl Kennedy joined Neighbours. It’s a moment few of us will forget

The coolest of cats

Neighbours has been a staple of TV viewing for years. In fact, it has proved to be more popular in the United Kingdom than in Australia. It was screened on BBC One from 1986 until 2008. Neighbours went out twice a day, with a morning broadcast and then a showing at lunchtime. The started attracting audiences peaking in 1990 at over 21 million.  It was frequently the highest-rating daytime programme in the UK, outside of news bulletins. In 2008, the UK broadcast moved to channel Channel 5. The first episode to be shown on Channel 5 in February 2008. But regardless of where and when it still remains a firm favourite in the nations heart.

One of the jewels in the crown of Neighbours is Dr. Karl Kennedy played by actor Alan Fletcher. Don’t just take our word for it though – In 2007 Inside Soap Awards, Fletcher was nominated for “Best Actor”, “Best Couple” (with Jackie Woodburne – AKA Susan) and “Best Storyline” for Susan and Karl’s wedding. At the first Digital Spy Soap Awards ceremony, Fletcher was nominated for “Most Popular Actor” and at the 2016 Inside Soap Awards he won the Best Daytime Star accolade. 

But this isn’t his CV though. We were just pleased to get the chance to talk to a top bloke to find out what it was like being on Ramsey Street. Was it really as fun as it looks in this clip:


As Gerry & Dave chatted to him, the conversation meandered onto what to expect next from TV’s favourite doctor (apart from possibly Dr. Who!). It was then that Alan told us about Photo Number 6. 

This is a really cool new project that he’s working on. In every episode of Photo Number 6 Alan will be seeking out 5 travel experiences that go beyond the tourist guidebook and delve into the heart and soul of the places he visits. The challenge he is set in the show is to photograph each experience looking to choose just one photo that sums up that experience. Then, with the help of the director and crew, Alan must choose just one photo to represent the emotions, the geography, the feeling and the human connections he has made –  AND THAT IS PHOTO NUMBER 6. Check it out.


So, there was lots of exciting stuff to chat about in a packed interview that went far too fast. It was one of those ones we’re going to be talking about for a good long while, so don’t be left out, have a listen to Gerry & Dave chatting to the one, the only, Dr. Karl Kennedy.