Gerry & Dave Meet Lisa Faulkner

Acting is a funny thing. You have to pretend to be someone else for a living. In some circumstances that’s called ‘fraud’!

But, we’ve been lucky enough to have some lovely actorey folk in our studios. It’s always interesting hearing about the behind-the-scenes gossip that’s going on.

So, when we had Lisa Faulkner in the studio Gerry & Dave were armed with all our questions to quiz her on.

See what we mean, there was loads of stuff to ask her about her career.

Just to jog your memory Lisa has been in Brookside, Holby City, Spooks and Eastendersjust to name a few. That’s before you even mention her celebrity appearances on things like Big Brother’s Little Brother, The Wright Stuff This Morning. 

Also, of course, we have to mention when she  she won Celebrity Masterchef…which is pretty darn impressive. It’s actually where she met her husband John Torode – which is sweet isn’t it?!

However, Gerry & Dave aren’t ones to go for the obvious options. So, when Lisa popped into the studio the conversation meandered from mothering, to cooking to nonesense…as per usual.