Gerry & Dave Meet Louise

It’s always interesting to talk to interesting people. Normally celebs come into the studio and we know them from a show on telly, a song they’ve sung or something they’ve done. Very rarely do we get a guest when they have done all 3!

So, there’s a lot to get through. Let’s break this down.



Firstly, Louise was a member of Eternal. They got quadruple-platinum for their very first album Always & Forever. In 1995, she departed the group for a solo career, in which became the platinum-selling and sold over 5 million records in the UK, and 15 million records worldwide.

In 1997, they reached number one on the UK Singles Chart with “I Wanna Be the Only One”, which won them the 1997 Mobo Award for Best Single. They also received seven Brit Award nominations. In total they achieved 15 UK Top 20 hits between 1993 and 1999. Eternal’s Greatest Hits package was released in the later part of 1997, and became the highest selling Greatest Hits package of the year.


Aside from music, Louise has presented several television shows. She’s presented SMTV LiveCD:UK, and This Morning. 

So, Gerry & Dave were worried that she would show them up for being a much better presenter than either of them are. But, she’s not only known for being the face of show’s she’s also known for judging them too. In 2010/2011 Louise was a judge on So You Think You Can Dance.

It’s lucky she knows a thing or two about dancing as Louise was also a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing. She was incredible and reached the finals with professional dancer Kevin Clifton, but was robbed of the title of series champion to BBC sports presenter Ore Oduba

Awkward Bit

I suppose we can’t ignore it – yes, Louise was married to the English former footballer Jamie Redknapp. They had 2 kids together and unfortunately split last year


Anyway, back onto nicer stuff. In recent stuff Louise has started a fashion blog. A Style Album is curated by two friends who love to share Fashion finds, Style inspiration & Lifestyle tips with each other. Whether it be a recently discovered Fashion label, a must try Beauty product or a newly opened restaurant they cover it.

That’s why we wanted to talk to her. Dave has been whining about getting glasses and poor old Gerry has had to listen. So, he decided to get someone in the know to finally settle the score.