Max McMurdo talks “Upcyling” on Drivetime

Max McMurdo is an upcycling enthusiast. Max has previously appeared on the BBC’s Dragon’s Den and is a keen advocate that eco-friendly products do not need to be made from mud and hemp, but instead they can be contemporary, stylish and desirable as well as taking the environment into consideration.

What even is upcycling? well….it’s all about reclaiming old furniture, raiding the recycling box, and restoring and renovating your home in a cheaper and more environmentally friendly way. Max established Reestore Ltd in 2003 after graduating from Bournemouth University in design and visualisation. While living in Cologne, Germany, Max noticed that German culture was way ahead of Britain in terms of re-use and recycling. Max returned to the UK and set up Reestore with the purpose of designing and manufacturing a range of high end desirable furniture items created from waste destined for landfill.

Millions of Brits currently live in rented accommodation and the urge to put their own stamp on it could be jeopardising their tenancy agreements whilst costing them a pretty penny too. New research out this week suggests that 8 in 10 renters (82%) spend an average of £880 making cosmetic changes and improvements to their property with more than half not seeking landlord permission.

Max joined Chris on Drivetime to talk about upcycling plus he gives some top tips for renovating your property with money saving ideas for the rental market.