Meet the next Instagram superfood: Red Dates.

Leading the red date revolution is Helen Wang, the founder of Abakus Foods, who is “on a mission to make healthy eating enjoyable and convenient for busy people.”

Like all superfoods, red dates are filled with plenty of nutrients and vitamins so you can at least pretend to be healthy even if you aren’t.

Some of the health benefits that can be found in the red dates are; anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, sleep-inducing, immune system enhancing, and they are an excellent source of iron.

They are also perfect as a post-workout snack as they contain 18 of the 24 essential amino acids to help with tissue repair and recovery.

Helen Wang was raised in Germany but knew of the red dates (or jujube) from her Chinese heritage.

Her mother made sure she ate them every single day, and even after Helen moved to London her mother still sent over the red dates.

“I loved both their naturally sweet taste – great for sweet cravings without refined sugar – and their amazing health benefits which can help reduce sensitivity to stress,” said Helen. 

“I thought they should be made available over here so that everyone can benefit from them.” 

The jujube used by Abakus Foods comes from the autonomous region Xinjiang in North-West China which has the perfect climate for producing the highest quality fruits. 

They’re a versatile fruit and can be added to porridge, to smoothie bowls, to tea, or eaten on their own.

Some recipes even put them in beef bone broth soup.

They can be bought from Ocado, Grape Tree, Whole Foods, Planet Organic, and Revital, and retail from £1.49 per bag.