Gerry & Dave Interview Mel Sykes

We love a celeb. Who doesn’t? So when we got the opportunity to interview Mel Sykes we were thrilled for a number of reasons.

Firstly, because she is a bit of a legend. But also, because very few people have had the weird and wonderful experiences she has.

For example, there are not many people who can say that they hosted The BAFTA’s & Miss World. Usually they would be 2 very different specifications, but it goes to shows how versatile Mel is.

It’s disputed that the reason she is probably best known is Today with Des and Mel, she was alsoin  I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here in 2014.

It all began in the mid 90’s when she was the face of Boddingtons Beer. Since then she went on to report for The Big Breakfast and soon she was all over the telly. She’s even been on Loose Women having a laugh with the girls. There was even this show…

So, with such a busy schedule, we were interested to know how she squeezes everything in. After all the importance of understanding which factors in life can have an impact on mood and emotion cannot be understated.  Everything from food, exercise, sleeping patterns and engagement with technology, such as smartphones, can play a large part in how we feel.

Let’s face it this time of the year is when most of us get ‘burned out’, too far from summer, but not close enough to Christmas. With all the bad weather and late nights/early mornings it can be pretty depressing. 

We don’t do depressing at Panda Radio. So we were very keen to hear about something Mel was very passionate about.

All in all, there was a lot to talk about.

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