National price hike day: What’s getting more expensive from tomorrow?

Here is a list of all the things that will cost you more:

Getting ill

Prescription costs will go up by 20p from £8.80 to £9 (2.27%).

NHS wigs and fabric supports will also increase, including surgical bras, fabric abdominal and spinal supports and partial and full human hair wigs – which will cost £192.85 and £282 respectively.

Drinking and bathing

Average water and sewerage bills will rise by an average of 2%.

Annual charges will rise by £8 to £415 – though the change will vary depending on the supplier and the individual household.

Keeping warm

About 11 million households on standard variable energy tariffs are facing a collective £1.3bn bill increase after 23 suppliers raised their prices to meet Ofgem’s latest price cap.

Sending letters

Royal Mail announced the price of first-class and second-class stamps were going to increase – that came into effect in March.

A first-class stamp has gone up by 3p to 70p, and a second-class stamp went up by 3p to 61p.

Going on holiday somewhere quite far

Air Passenger Duty on long-haul flights of over 2,000 miles is to increase by 10% – or £16.

Having healthy teeth and gums

The NHS charge for a dental check-up will increase by £1.10 (5%) from £21.60 to £22.70.

Using your mobile

Three, EE, O2 and Vodafone are all raising their mobile contract prices and customers by about 2.5%.

Watching TV

The annual TV licence fee will increase by £4 to £154.50. Sky will see an increase of £2 a month for its wide-ranging services.

Anyone who bought a licence on an instalment scheme that started before 1 April will continue to pay £147 until their renewal date.

Living in your house

The average household in England faces a £78 hike in Council Tax from April, the second-highest increase in the last decade.

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