New British boarding school for Shenzhen

There’s a blossoming relationship between British boarding schools and China. Photo credit – Pixabay

Shenzhen is set to host its first British boarding school from August.

That’s because the 185 year old Merchiston Castle School, from Edinburgh, will open a campus in Longhua District.

The school will teach an ‘all British curriculum’ with tuition in Mandarin available as well as in English.

According to the school:

”The venture comes on the back of a rising demand for British international schools abroad and over a year of collaboration with China-based parent/investor, Mr Jianjun Lyu.”

”Mr Lyu was so impressed with the way Merchiston, Edinburgh, educated his son that he has signed an exclusive agreement to develop a family of Merchiston schools across China.”

”These new schools will support a broader educational approach, combining the best of Merchiston’s successes alongside traditional Chinese subjects and will provide opportunities for exchange programmes for both pupils and staff.”

”This partnership will have positive financial gains for Merchiston, Edinburgh and will enable us to build upon its means-tested financial assistance scheme and to expand its already outstanding facilities.”

There’s a blossoming relationship between British boarding schools and China.

As our editor E J Ward recently reported, Chinese parents are now the largest source of foeriegn-born students at private boarding schools in the UK.

Apparently, numbers rose by 10% last year to nearly 8000, according to the latest figures. That means Chinese pupils are worth about £220 million annually to British boarding schools.