Beijing has a new Scottish inspired gin bar and we are JEALOUS

The 270 square metre venue is located in the Chaoyang District. Photo credit – Pickerings

The first dedicated gin bar has opened its doors in Beijing.

The Gin and Seafood bar is run by Scottish company, Pickerings, and is part of a long term export plan by Marcus Pickering and Matt Gammell.

If successful the pair are planning 19 similar establishments throughout China.

A big opening night event on Saturday saw more than 100 Chinese dignitaries, celebrities and influencers sample the products from the Edinburgh distillery alongside some of Scotland’s finest seafood.

The 270 square metre venue is located in the Chaoyang District and includes 3 bars, a live music stage and a 120 cover restaurant.

Their extensive gin menu includes all the classics as well as some innovative, contemporary creations. The Pickering’s version of a Negroni includes Navy strength gin and Sichuan pepper and the ‘Peacock Egg’ is served like a yolk in an egg shell.

The ‘Ultimate Gin and Tonic Experience’ is something not to be missed – Pickering’s gin steamed through a sous-vide process with butterfly peas, lemongrass and washed with olive oil.

This is then paired with a flower suspended in engineered crystal clear ice blocks. Definitely one for the more adventurous!

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