Nicky Clarke Chats To Gerry & Dave

It’s not often that you get to interview someone that’s interviewed other people. Sound odd? Well, let us explain.

There are certain people on the planet you tell everything too – police, therapists and hairdressers. Well imagine if you were the hair dresser to the stars, just think of the amount of gossip you would have!

Nicky Clarke has certainly tousled the hair of the rich and famous – everyone from  The Beatles, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Cheryl Cole, David Bowie and even Kate Middleton. So, Gerry and Dave had a lot to ask him!

Who would have thought, with all that gossip to talk about we would end up talking about baldness?! Well, Panda Radio is a station like no other.

As Gerry is going a bit ‘thin up top’ we got in our hair dresser to the stars to help out. Are hair plugs a good idea? Is going to Turkey for them really advisable?! And, does Dave look like Adam Sandler?

But as he entered the studio Nicky had a strangely nostalgic twinge:

‘My Dad worked round here’ he said gesturing to The Tate.

‘He used to work in the Turbine Hall, when it was a power plant’.

For all the celebrity shenanigans (going to the Opera last night with Fast Show legend Paul Whitehouse last night) Nicky is incredibly down to earth. He doesn’t let fame phase him. He didn’t let our 2 idiots phase him either. When asked for Christmas ideas, he was well prepped with some of his favourites – straighteners, shampoos or a special hair cut 

But, there is no conveying what a lovely bloke he is, so we won’t try. Listen to what a top bloke he is.

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