Dave Meets Shappi Khorsandi

If you’ve seen Live At The Apollo, Mock The Week, The Graham Norton Show, 8 Out Of 10 Cats, Have I Got News For You, QI or I’m A Celebrity chances are, you’ll be familiar with Shappi Khorsandi.

Not only is she a TV personality she is an international touring comedian going all over the globe. Shappi established herself as one of the country’s finest comedians in 2006 with her sell out Edinburgh show, Asylum Speaker, and since then has gone on to do shows with brilliant titles such as ‘Because I’m Shappi’ and Me And My Brother In Our Pants, Holding Hands’.

If you’re still not familiar with her work, do yourself a favour and check her out:


Much of her comedy is inspired as a Brit coming from Iranian heritage. It’s something she’s interested in. So, as the conversation meandered we talked about staycations, holidays and Summer in The UK.

New research has looked into the behaviours of Brits when they travel. Staycations, family car squabbles and a love of tea were top of the list. Two-thirds of UK residents are planning a UK break this year. With the lovely new weather, it’s not a surprise.

New research by Europcar has found that 51% of UK adults cite the ease of travel as their reason for choosing to stay in the UK for a holiday than to travel abroad. Jumping in the car with the whole family and getting on the road is something that is appealing to many more Brits. However, Brits don’t feel like they are on a proper holiday until they have travelled 119 miles from home…which is oddly specific!

The research also mapped out what holiday-goers miss the most when they’re away, and it’s tea that tops the list for most of us when it comes to taking home comforts on the road. The UK’s love affair with biscuits holds its own, as one third of people pack biscuits, and crisps. Chocolate and prosecco/beer/wine have equal chances of being packed with just under a quarter of people going for those…there’s nothing like healthy eating (and this is nothing like healthy eating).

But, is the UK really that exciting? If so, where is the best place to go? There were a lot of questions to answer so Dave was keen to hear what Shappi’s particular habits were. Surely she wouldn’t take her own teabags on holiday…would she? Click on the link below to find out.