Smith vs Eggington: David Price claims victory after Kash Ali is disqualified for biting

Price was ahead on the scorecards and rocked his former sparring partner with a big right in the fifth when he was hauled to the ground and bitten.

Referee Mark Lyson, who had already docked Ali a point for hitting the back of Price’s head, had seen enough and disqualified Ali. Price had earlier accused Ali of biting in a separate incident.

A cagey opener saw Price boxing behind his long jab while Ali enjoyed some success by targeting the body.

Ali continued with his body shots in the second and kept out of the way of the taller man’s big shots.

Price bloodied Ali’s nose in the third and began to throw the bigger shots but midway through the round complained to the referee that he had been bitten by Ali, who was penalised a point for punching the back of Price’s head.

The fourth round saw Ali using his head, shoulders and elbows but Price responded by hurting his opponent with a big uppercut.

Price continued pushing forward in the fifth, punishing his man for his rough-house tactics and connected with a right.

Ali responded by grabbing hold, throwing Price to the canvas and biting his body again before being disqualified.

“He gave it away in the press conference that he was going to lose his head,” Price said afterwards.

“He was in the fight, he ruined it for himself!

“I’m not too pleased with my own performance.

“He said ‘let’s do a rematch’ but I don’t want to share the ring with an animal like that.

“The winner of Lucas Browne vs Dave Allen is one that I’m interested in.”

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