The best ever selfies – what’s yours?

Big Ben has been voted as the number one selfie spot in the country, according to a new poll.  A new study shows the travelling habits of social media driven Britain, revealing the famous hot spots  for taking selfies. The study reveals the nation’s favourite travel snap locations, with The Shard coming in 2nd place & Glastonbury Festival making 3rd place.  London dominates the list, with Buckingham Palace & Tower Bridge also featuring in the top five.

Panda Radio however is of course looking for something a little bit different and perhaps a little bit weird from you guys. On Drivetime this week Chris asked for the strangest, place that you’ve ever taken a selfie.

Some of the tweets so far this week include Paula sitting inside a fridge! Dominic in the boot of a car! but the best so far… is Jim underwater next to a shark. What and where is the weirdest place that you’ve taken a selfie? Let us know and send your pictures in to us on social media to Panda Radio If you can come up with what the Panda team think is the best selfie, then a cute cuddly panda bear is yours for the taking and we’ll get you in for a chat on Drivetime with Chris .

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