The Other Big Vegan Word: what is vystopia?

We’ve got a few vegans at Panda Radio.  It starts all sorts of discussions.  Believe me.

Seeing as it’s World Vegan Month, and as I am one of the vegans I speak of, I figured I better do my bit to explain.  Most vegans willingly chat about being a vegan, how they found their transition to going meat-free, the pros of their decision, and the many issues facing the planet.  However, you may notice that I didn’t mention any ‘cons’.  I do so on purpose.  For me, there is only one real negative issue with becoming a vegan.  That is, in all honesty, you are suddenly aware of how much injustice there is in our food, clothing, furniture, travel, medicine, beauty products…

This isn’t a rant, nor a lesson, but just a quick monologue from a vegan.  There are plenty of reasons that people go vegan, mine is ‘for the animals’.  I may as well get it tattooed on my forehead, for as quick as people find out that I am vegan, they instantly pipe up with many, many questions.  I’m not one to announce my veganism freely, either.

Recently, I stumbled across the word ‘vystopia’.  Ever since the age of four, and watching my dad refuse to kill spiders, I have felt something that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.  However, when I read the definition after a quick google, I was really pleased to know that I wasn’t alone.

Whilst organising my guest for this article, I noticed something intriguing.  The definition appears to actually come from a certain Clare Mann.  Could this be the Clare Mann I intended to speak to about all things vegan?  To my delight, it was.  I was lucky enough to catch Clare for a phone interview whilst she was here in the UK.  Clare makes a great point in our chat: that veganism isn’t a diet.  Have a listen below.


To find out more about Clare Mann, you know what to do with the links!  It’s here to go directly to Vegan Psychologist and this one for the book ‘Vystopia’.

Also, if you’re curious about veganism itself, head to The Vegan Society.  They do great work, with fantastic and simple definitions, and make it easy to learn more.  And, you know what, they even let you go vegan without telling anyone.


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