The Girl In The Cafe joined Kavita on International Coffee Day

It’s International Coffee Day and the Panda Team do love a good cup of Joe, but it’s not just us. We recently reported that coffee consumption in China has nearly tripled in the last four years.

We all have our fave ways of drinking coffee from an Americano to a Cappuccino and even a Turmeric Latte, but this International Coffee Day why not celebrate by adding something extra treat-worthy to your coffee with a luxurious Baileys-infused cold brew.

Created by top barista Celeste Wong, aka The Girl In The Cafe, with Oonagh Simm’s ‘The Marshmallowist’ marshmallows, the creation is the most indulgent way to enjoy the day. The stylish combination marries rich, dark coffee infused with the delicious creamy texture of Baileys, topped with ice cream, lashings of caramel and finished with a sumptuous marshmallow, for a truly indulgent twist on a cold brew this National Coffee Day.


Tall glass lined with coffee caramel

Ice, then 25ml vodka on top [1 unit]

100 ml of cold brew

Then two scoops of ice cream

Pour 50ml baileys on top [0.8 units]

Garnish with marshmallow floss and hazelnut praline (either shards or crumbled)!


Doesn’t that sound like the perfect #TreatUp we might even have it when it’s not International Coffee Day.

The Girl In The Cafe herself, Celeste Wong joined Kavita on The Day Show to talk all things coffee: