The weird London monuments that could have been and the bizarre Chinese buildings that were

Have you ever wondered what your favourite cities in the World could have looked like had all the weird and wonderful city plans been implemented? Barratt Homes has reimagined plans for London and put them onto the modern skyline.
But, where London has failed to develop these out of place plans, Chinese architects have run wild with their ideas and built a lot of bizarre buildings.
Here are the monuments that could have been and the ones that were brought to life.
Imagine the world’s greatest pyramids but not in faraway places such as Egypt, Mexico, and Peru, imagine the pyramids in the heart of London.
Two hundred years ago, there were plans to build a 300 ft pyramid in Trafalgar Square to commemorate the Battle of Trafalgar and the Battle of the Nile.
It would have been a spectacular sight to behold and would have dominated the London skyline, even with the skyscrapers that have popped up in recent years. Adorned with metal horses and spectacular arches, it would have been a fantastic spot for tourists to visit.

Tianzi Hotel

As far as bizarre buildings go, they don’t get much stranger than Tianzi Hotel in China. Picture this, you step off your flight to China expecting to be greeted by your bog-standard hotel but instead, you’re greeted by three ginormous Chinese men dressed in traditional Chinese dress.
Little is known about the interior of the magnificent hotel other than the fact the exterior is just three giant Chinese Gods. Nobody is even entirely certain of where it actually is, it changes from person to person.
Westminster City Airport
It would be unheard of in 2018 to plonk an airport above the Thames, right next to the Houses of Parliament. But back in 1934, some people thought it would be the best idea to promote businesses to set up in London. It would also make it far easier for important people to get to meetings in the centre of London – rather than travelling from Heathrow or Gatwick.
The original plans made the airport tall enough for the largest ships to pass beneath it and long enough to hold one single aeroplane.
In Huainan City in China sits a bizarre, experimental building in the shape of a huge piano and violin. At night, the outline of the instruments lights up a lovely neon blue so you will never miss it.
Locals apparently refer to it as “the most romantic building in China” due to its popularity with newlyweds who take photos in front of it.
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