The World’s Weirdest Properties

Upside Down House, Germany

A lot of people say the world has gone topsy turvy. Well, for some people in Germany it literally has.

The Cape Cod-style house was built on a steel frame because of the large amount of weight on the roof poking into the ground. The only thing that’s not upside-down are the stairs, so that visitors can reach the ground floor — which is really the attic.

This fascinating upside-down house was designed for a special exhibition in Trassenheide, Germany and is open to the public. It was completed in 2008, and visitors flock to the home to wander around its crazy interior.

The house is the brainchild of Polish architects Klaudiusz Golos and Sebastian Mikiciuk.

Egg House, Beijing


Ever got so annoyed with being in a house share you’ve thought of building your own place? No?

A 24 year old man from The Hunan province in China built and placed an egg shaped small house in a courtyard in Beijing, as his home. It cost the equivalent of $964 which was affordable unlike the rising rental prices.

The egg-house’s specifications are, of course, spartan at best: two meters high at its tallest point, built on a bamboo frame, insulated with wood chips, and an exterior made of what looks like cut-up sleeping bags.

Love it or hate it, at least it’s sustainable. Grass seeds planted in the cladding will sprout into a green covering over the whole structure, and a solar panel provides power for a lamp and handful of electrical necessities inside.


We attended London’s recent property show, so if wonky houses aren’t your thing there is sure to have been something there for you:


The Crooked House, Poland

This could make you feel a bit whoozy.

This 43,000-square-foot building is home to the Rezydent shopping centre. The Krzywy Domek honours its guests in a special way.

It is the tradition of this mysterious place that people who participate in cultural events put their signatures on the wall of the Krzywy Domek, named “The Wall of Fame”, which is the Polish version of the American Hollywood Walk of Fame.

This is one of many extraordinary ideas carried out by creators of the Krzywy Domek which caused the building to be nominated in 2009 to the 7 wonders of the Tri-city competition. It was liked very much by the Internet users and had crowds of fans.

It is home to various industries such as beauty salons, doctors’ offices, shops and the like. In the evening the Krzywy Domek is vibrant with life, as well. Its clubs and pubs provide extensive programmes of events and their top quality and diverse catering will satisfy all tastes – both sophisticated and traditional ones.

However, one thing is certain, you don’t want to drink too much while you’re here for fear of getting whoozy.

Seashell Home, Mexico

This is one for Little Mermaid fans. You can live as if you are ‘under the sea’.

 Take a dip in your own private pool surrounded by coconut trees, tropical plants, and visiting iguanas.

Reach, with just a few steps, breathtaking cliffs and tiny beaches that appear and disappeared with the tides, where the ocean shares delightful gifts of beautiful shells and corals.

The smaller rounder shell has an immaculate king bed and private bath with shower and a tv with a wide array of channels in English and in Spanish. The private bath with shower is made of tile and shells.

If you’re interested you can even rent this out on Airbnb. No kidding. It starts at $255 a night, but it does have 2 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. Yep, that’s right, apparently 2.5 baths. How does that work?

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