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Harry Pottmass

Is it too early to start thinking about Christmas?


But, if you’re like us, any excuse to talk about Harry Potter & we’re all over it. Right here in London (well, near it)The Warner Bros. Studio Tour London is once again opening up its doors to allow you to experience Christmas in the Wizarding World.

For the third year in a row, Harry Potter fans can enjoy an actual Christmas feast inside The Great Hall.

Visitors will get to see some of this magic themselves, being surrounded by snow-covered Christmas trees, icicles, and an orchestra of magical instruments. Guests will be able to have dessert served on Platform 9 ¾ next to the original Hogwarts Express train. The evening will conclude with Butterbeer, music and dancing, with a bar for those who wish to purchase additional tipples.

This is all included in the whopping £240 (per person!) ticket prize. To be fair you also get a wand of your choice with that.

Hogwarts in the Snow will run from Saturday 17th November – Sunday 27th January 2019, with ‘Dinner in the Great Hall’ taking place from 10th-12th December.

Cracking Cheep Purchase

We all know what it’s like when you go on holiday, you can forget about stuff. For example, food. That’s standard. What isn’t is that food actually coming to life.

Irina (we don’t know her full name) says she went away on holiday for three weeks, came back and heard strange noises. She discovered little birds had broken out of the eggs they’d bought before they’d gone away.

The chicks are reportedly doing well and have grown up to be lively, pecking at seeds and living life to the max. She hasn’t said what she plans to do with the chicks, but she said she will not contact a health watchdog about the incident.

It’s not the first time this has reportedly happened to a pack of eggs. In 2014, a woman from Surrey said a quail chick hatched from some eggs she had bought at Waitrose. Mandy Clayton, 49, had bought a box of 12 for a barbecue and, having used only eight, left the remaining eggs on the kitchen top to use later. When the mother-of-six went to use the eggs a few days later, she found only three eggs – and a live quail.

So, our advice, chick your eggs before you go away.

Real Life Mario Kart Comes To London

If you have ever played a computer game, chances are you’ve played Mario Kart. Well, good news, fantasy is becoming reality

Mario Kart has come to London, its first location in Europe, so you can now settle those Rainbow Road rivalries in person. People can become the embodiment of their favourite Mario Kart characters and take to the tracks in an amazing new racing experience.

Posted by Mushroom Rally on Friday, August 24, 2018

8 cities are set to play host to this new experience. Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham, Leeds, London, Sheffield also set to get a taste of the racing action.

Each city will have a track with its own unique shape and length, so if you’re really dedicated you could tour them all and make it your own Mario Kart cup challenge.

You might not be able to fight as dirty, but the course does have its bonuses, allowing you to collect stars to win prizes as you race!

While details are still rather sparse, you can sign up for tickets at the Mushroom Rally website.




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