Weird News – Brexit Leaving Drinks, Flooded Marathons & Amelie The Musical

Here at Panda nearly anything is alright by us – the silly, the weird, the wonderful. The one thing we don’t do is dull. So, to celebrate the stupid, we thought (once again) we’d put together This Weeks Weird News.

Brexit Leaving Drinks

Yup, that’s right. A leaving do for Brexit. The big date us March 29 next year. In fact, we even have a time – 11pm. That’s when the UK will have officially left the EU. Now, love it, hate it or being indifferent to it Brexit has been part of our news for the past couple of years. So, it’d be ungrateful to let it just fade away.

This is where the Facebook group LondonSwedes come in. They are the largest website for the Swedish and Scandinavian community in London and the UK. They got together and decided a leaving do is in order.

If you’re interested it will be in at the London Calling Sweden bar in Bermondsey on Enid Street. It’ll of course be on March 29, kicking off at 7pm and running until 2am.

It’s worth noting organisers say the location is likely to change due to the amount of interest. And what a lot of interest there has been! Watch this space

One Hell Of A Marathon

Doing a marathon is a pretty impressive feat. Going over 26 miles raising money for charity. I don’t think anyone would deny it’s pretty remarkable.

That’s before you chuck in adverse conditions such as the weather. You’ll remember the swelterer we had for The London Marathon this year that even tragically caused some casualties.

Well, in Venice they had some problems with the weather for their marathon. Marathon runners were left wading through ankles-deep water after high tides flooded the course. It even got to a couple of inches deep in some places.

But this isn’t the only controversy they’ve had. Last year the lead motorcycle took a wrong turn and directed athletes in the wrong direction for several hundred metres and up to two minutes.

Amelie The Musical

You’ve gotta love a good movie. And, there doesn’t get much better than Amelie. When it was released it caused quite the splash. It took over $33 million in a limited theatrical release. That’s made it the highest-grossing French-language film released in the United States, and one of the biggest international successes for a French movie.

Well now it’s coming to The UK. The musical will make its UK premiere at The Watermill Theatre in Newbury on April 11, and will come to London the following month, including a three night run at the New Wimbledon Theatre from May 22-25.

The show has already been in California since 2015 and has enjoyed a very successful run.

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