Woman chains herself to Bury football ground over team’s expulsion threat

Joy Hart, daughter of the Bury legend Lee Hart, begged the club’s owner to sell the club to pay off its debts – to stop the team being ejected from League One on Friday.

She told Sky News she wanted to highlight the team’s 135-year rich history, adding it won the FA Cup twice.

“We have this long, long history just like your Citys, Uniteds, Liverpools and Evertons, and we want to be here for another 135 years,” Ms Hart said on Wednesday.

She said if the club is expelled from the EFL, the town of Bury would be much poorer for it.

Appealing to former players, Ms Hart urged them to come together to buy the club or donate to a group that would.

She accused the current owner of refusing to sell Bury FC, saying if the debts are not settled within days “it will kill us all – the club and the town”.

Sky News has asked the club for a response.

Ms Hart added she would stay chained to the Gigg Lane for “as long as possible”.

“I was hoping to be chained to the Les Hart stand,” she told Sky News.

“But somebody in their wisdom has chained the doors leading to admittance.”

Bury has this week been thrown out of the Carabao Cup and had its upcoming match against Tranmere Rovers suspended.

Harry Bunn, who plays as a winger for Bury, said players have been suffering financially.

He told Sky News: “Financially it’s been really tough, I know lads that have put houses up for sale because you don’t know – next week we might be unemployed and looking for work.

“And we might have to move to the other end of the country to get work as well.

“It’s got to the point now where we are two days away from going under, so if there is an offer on the table, hopefully it can get sorted.”

A statement from the EFL said it was “frustrated” at the “lack of significant progress” made by Bury FC’s owner Steve Dale in giving it information on the club’s finances.

If a solution is not found by Friday, a spokesperson said, the club will no longer be part of the EFL.

“Bury would then be free to make an application to the Football Association to re-join league competition further down the English football pyramid from season 2020-21,” they added.

The club’s lawyer, Chris Farnell, said earlier this month it had provided the EFL with “proof of funding documentation” required.

“The actions from the EFL are causing immeasurable damage to Bury Football Club,” he said.

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