Woman on Weibo clones her dog for over £42,000

How far would you go to keep your best companion? Woman on Weibo clones her dog for over £42,000  

Trending on Weibo this week was the hashtag: “380 thousand yuan to clone beloved dead dog” discussing the controversial story about the woman who cloned her dog. Miss Jing from Shanghai, adopted her beloved pet, nicknamed Tuzi (rabbit), back in 2010. In an emotive article, she tells the story of the development of her close connection with the Tuzi. At that point in her life, she was already taking care of 3 other stray dogs, hoping to find them a good home. When she came across her beloved Tuzi, she described his expression as “lost”, and “waiting for her care”. She claims that many people she knows told her she was crazy when they learnt how much she had spent on this dog. However, many Weibo netizens spoke out to say that they understand her situation, a connection with a pet can be unbreakable.


Miss Jing has always empathised with stray dogs. She describes herself as a struggling “white collar worker who works hard in the bustling metropolis.” She does not come from a wealthy background, so when seeing a displaced, hungry or skinny stray dog, she feels she can “imagine herself being in that position”, and all she wants to do is offer them warm sanctuary. She has always taken dogs in to feed and take care of them, and help them find a good home, but she would never describe herself as a fanatical dog rescuer. She wouldn’t give up work or spending time with family to rescue dogs. However, her precious Tuzi stayed with her for 8 years. She once found a caring new owner for him, but the man was looking for a purebred. Miss Jing describes that Tuzi has long, off-white hair, and is not good looking, but when she looks at him she “always feels he knows her heart more than any other dog.” Tuzi’s intuition for what Miss Jing was trying to communicate was outstanding, other dogs simply didn’t understand her in the same way. Tuzi had many a health scare over the years, and each time she feared his parting more and more.


She described herself as a lonely person, distant from the big city life, and Tuzi became her unexpected companion for 8 years. But Tuzi eventually died of kidney failure, and she couldn’t bear to think of what came next. Though many people called her crazy for caring so much about a small dog, she dreamed of cloning her ‘rabbit’ so that he could stay with her a while longer. She exclaimed that everyone has their own methods to judge the value of material things, some people think it’s worth it to spend money on “luxury handbags, and private schools.” So no one else is able to qualify what she spends her money on. “The price does not scare me,” she boldly explains. The company that are in the process of cloning the little dog, Sino Valley, loaned her the first instalment of the payment, giving her the hope to see her companion once again.


But how far is too far to keep your loveable companion? One netizen empathised with Miss Jing, saying; “I completely understand her feelings because dogs are like family members. However, another called her “so selfish…” saying “she should spend that money on her family instead of a dog.” This is not the first time someone openly cloned their dog – Barbara Streisand admitted to cloning her beloved Coton de Tulear, Samantha. Cloning animals is supposedly an invaluable aid in scientific research, but many are still calling the phenomenon a modern nightmare.


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