Would-be mayor records topless video after break-in

Jerald Sibbeston says he was “scared” after chasing away two intruders from his home in the middle of the night.

Soon after the incident, at 2am, he filmed a video of himself shirtless and recalled the security scare in the country’s Northwest Territories.

Mr Sibbeston said he was awakened by the pair and punched one of them in the face before they “bolted”.

He ran after them and ended up slightly injuring his right foot as they fled.

He has now warned any would-be intruders, saying he would be armed if a similar incident happened again.

The candidate, who is standing in the capital city of Yellowknife, linked the break-in to his candidacy.

Mr Sibbeston wrote on Facebook: “Yellowknife, it is just an election, not worth breaking into my home over!

“I tore up my bare feet on blast rock chasing them off my property. That crossed so many lines. My gun is going to be ready next time. Consider yourself warned.”

He later commented on the post, saying: “The next unwanted guest had better kill me cause I will fire at them.

“If they kill me, they will have killed a political candidate, and son of a prominent person. Not going to be able to sweep that under the rug. Better make sure you end me.”

He went on: “I consider this all a criminal interference. I do not believe it was random. It seemed targeted.

“It seemed planned. They don’t know me well enough to know I was in that room sleeping.”

Mr Sibbeston said the pair were both white men, wearing jackets and one had a hat on.

He said he was considering reporting the incident to police and asking for a patrol on his street after the 15 October election.