Gerry & Dave Meet Michaela Strachan

We’re lucky to have ad some amazing people pop into the studio to have a chat and a laugh. Everyone from Sol Campbell all the way through to Alexandra Burke. There’s been Rachel Riley, Carol Smiley, Gok WanKevin McCloud & Chris Kamara. However, we have never had someone on the show that has their own song.

It’s quite an accolade. But, then again, she’s quite a lady.

Michaela Strachan started as a presenter on Saturday morning TV in the 80’s on shows such as TV-am and Wide Awake Club with Timmy Mallet. In 1993 she joined The Really Wild Show on BBC1. Then she joined Countryfile and later joined Springwatch and Autumnwatch. Basically she’s all over the telly like Donald Trump is all over Twitter. No wonder Scouting For Girls decided to write her own ballard. It’s one of our favourites and we couldn’t talk about the great lady without including it:


One of the things that everyone loves about her is how passionate she is about animals and conservation. It’s no surprise – every five minutes, a species somewhere on the planet becomes extinct. A staggering 200 different types of creature every day! It’s a wonder she’s as chirpy as she is when you see her on the telly!

But then we began talking about Cider. Gerry & Dave perked up. Better still, there’s a way you can drink cider AND help save a species. Old Mout Cider are looking into how we can save the Kiwi bird.


Some innovative approaches are being adopted. This includes the creation of predator-free islands off the New Zealand coast, which recreate conditions before humans arrived in New Zealand – therefore allowing the kiwi bird to roam the islands freely without threat of predation.

It all sounded pretty cool, and as a former Kiwi himself Gerry was keen to pop along and chat to her more about this.